Original, Organic Ethiopian Coffee






AWEL TEHA Coffee Washing Stations Operator and Exporter is an organization that has been engaged in coffee farming, processing and exporting for half a century where the business has been PASSED down two generations. Operating in three areas in Oromia, Guji Zone, for the past 20 years and currently two additional washing stations under development in Southern Ethiopia, Yirga Chefe and one more in Guji Zone.

Ato Awel Teha has decades of experience in processing and exporting regular and specialty coffee and has been managing the washing stations personally for the past 20 years with hands on approach. He has received numerous accreditations over the past decades for his outstanding performance and contribution to the country’s economy and to the community he works with. His passion for coffee makes him not only a successful business man but also an enthusiast that has years of technical and contextual knowledge in the sector.

Benefiting Over 1,000 Local Farmers

All the coffee washing stations collect coffee from local farmers in such a way that they are benefiting most from the transations and receive doulbe payments when they make single delivery. The secondary payment is made for the next season’s delivery in advance. 

Starting from the soil to the washing water, no additive chemicals are used. Everything is 100% natural and organic !!



Benefiting More than 1000 Farmers

Locations, Additional Two Under Development